The importance of branding


One of the themes in our Global Fashion Business 1 module is International Fashion Branding and Marketing. It is a fact, that companies can spend millions in their marketing and branding to earn a small space in our heads. By doing this, companies hope that we could be able to recognize instantly their company’s logo. But how well we actually remember those logos?

As a kick-off assignment for this theme, my students got an assignment where I wrote an international company’s name and their task was to draw that company’s logo as they remember it. Without using their mobiles phones, laptops or any other visual aids. This study group consisted of Finns, Latvians, Albanians, Chinese, Germans and Swiss. Quite cross-cultural group! Next, I will introduce how we students remember these logos. Please note that they had only less than a minute time to draw each logo and an extremely limited amount of colored pencils to use. You can also try it by yourself, but first, let’s check out our results!


Apple’s logo was one of the most easiest ones. It has not changes a lot during the last years. It was quite fun, that one of the students draw the logo which they have used in 1977 (that rainbow colored one).


Next logo was more fashion related. As you can see, the color of this logo was quite easy to remember.


Another international brand from Sweden like the one above. As you can see, this logo was quite easy one, too. Ikea’s logo has been the same already nearly 40 years.


This logo is completely different compared to the others. Multiple details and quite precise logo. As you can see, this was not the easiest one to remember even though they have had pretty much similar logo since Starbucks has been established.


Another fashion brand. The crocodile was easy to remember but how to remember where it is looking at etc..


Well, this was interesting! Adidas is actually using two logos at the same time. The more retro version and the more modern version. Some of my students remembered the retro and some of them the modern version.


The last one was our university of applied sciences’s logo – HAMK. Gladly, this was actually quite easy for them!

So, how well would you remember these logos? Before you google anything, try it out! Even though this assignment was actually quite funny and interesting, it is important to remember that branding is definitely not all about how well people remember logos! This is just an example of the effectiveness of successful branding.

I got an inspiration to this assignment from’s article where they tested the similar assignment with over 150 Americans. Check out their interesting findings from the link in the last sentence.

This blog text is written by Global Fashion Business lecturer, Eveliina Toivonen.

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