Global Fashion Business Get-together


Global Fashion Business (GFB) get-together was organized on 22 January 2020 at HAMK Design Factory. Global Fashion Business module collects together students from Design, Business Administration and International Business degree programmes who all have a passion for fashion! You can follow their journey from Global Fashion Business blog.

Global Fashion Business study modules focus on small-size designer based fashion companies and emphasize sustainable fashion business. GFB modules offer the opportunity to learn from the real fashion business players – there will be visits to fashion business organizations and professionals at their working places and also inspirational guest lectures from fashion field.

In the Global Fashion Business get-together, students had a short introduction to HAMK Design Factory and a tour of the spaces and facilities as part of the introduction to the learning environment. This year Global Fashion Business is led by Annikka Lepola, Eveliina Toivonen, Leena Koivunen and Tarja Saari .


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