Terms and conditions for using the blog service

HAMKin blogit is a blog service maintained by Häme University of Applied Services (HAMK). HAMK’s blog service (hereinafter the Website) handles data in the following way:

The Website uses cookies for statistical purposes

The WordPress publication platform sets cookies that it needs in order to function. The Website utilises visitor monitoring services (Google Analytics) to analyse site usage. Visitor monitoring services use their own cookies to analyse site usage.

Cookies contain information, for example, of the browser used by the visitor, site usage and the IP address of the computer. The information is used in analysing site usage and in improving the Website. Cookies can be disabled by changing the browser settings; however, disabling cookies may affect the functionality of the Website.

Personal information will not be collected

No personal information is automatically collected about the users of the Website. The email address of the subscriber of the blog will only be stored for notifications of new posts. The data is not used for any other purposes.

We aim to correct content and continuous availability.

HAMK strives to make the Website available almost without interruptions. However, we cannot be held liable for service disruptions or damages caused by technical malfunction. HAMK may change the content or the terms and conditions of the Website, discontinue the Website or interrupt providing the Website service during maintenance or updates.

HAMK will also strive to have up-to-date and correct information on the Website, but does not guarantee that the information on the Website is correct, and cannot be held liable for direct or indirect damages caused by the use of the information or related to the use of the information.

HAMK cannot guarantee the content of online services that can be accessed through links from our Website, but are not maintained by HAMK.

The blogs and blog entries on the Website represent the bloggers’ personal views and opinions, not the official views of HAMK.

We reserve the right to remove any inappropriate statements and links, and will not be liable for statements, opinions and linked contents presented by outsiders in conversations, posts and comments, or their consequences.

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Linking is permitted, the producer has the copyright

The copyright of the Website (text, content, pictures, videos and services) belong to Häme University of Applied Sciences Ltd or the producers of the material published in the blog. The text material on the Website may be used and linked providing common courtesy is observed and the source is mentioned. Pictures and other graphic material cannot be used without separately granted permission.

If the material published on the Website has been licensed using the Creative Commons license, the user must check the terms and conditions on spreading and using content defined in the Creative

Commons licence. In matters related to the use of the material, please contact verkkoviestinta@hamk.fi.

Give feedback

We are happy to receive feedback, questions or suggestions regarding the website. More information on the website: verkkoviestinta@hamk.fi