Meet the guest Professor Töffner Knudsen



In this lecture, we got the pleasure to know Töffner Knudsen who prepared us wonderfully for the next day visit of the Finish company Finlayson. Töffner Knudsen is a business professor at the University of Denmark, he gives us a perfect introduction to understanding the complex system of a company.

It was a lot of important information for design students but he explained everything to us really politely and exactly. What I personally found very impressive and gave his lecture a very sympathetic special charm.

Töffner began his lecture on the basis of Big pictures to look inside a company at the first moment. For example what kind of relationship does a company have with there customers? How is the structured? 

What kind of strategy is behind it?

Through the big picture of a company, Töffner has explained a lot of first important steps how to look at the company from the outside. 

In addition, we learned a lot about the finances of a company. What is important.  How are the finances built up? What does a company have to earn to exist?

With so many new pieces of information, it was perfect in the end when Prof.

Töffner transferred all the newly learned information on the Finlayson company. So that we could direct knowledge in the theory to apply how it works.

At the and of this lection we have learned the perfect background knowledge about the Finlayson company that we were able to create Interesting questions.

In summary, the lesson was full of new information but which were very interesting and showed me that everything in a company has an important meaning and that all the parts have to be looked at very carefully.

                                                                                                                              Pilar Rautiainen, Inga Jansen 





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