Product Development Project Start


The first ever Product Development Project (PDP) course meeting was held on Monday 21 February 2020 at HAMK Design Factory. It is not too late to join the interdisciplinary Product Development Project, we are still looking for design, engineering and business students to augment the existing teams consisting of nursing, social service, business administration and mechanical engineering students.

The Product Development Project consists of two Sprints that last one period. By working on both Sprints (January-May 2020) the students can be awarded 10 ECTS from Knowledge Management and Intelligence Services Master Programme. It is also possible to participate in one Sprint (January-March 2020) and be awarded 5 ECTS.

In the first Sprint, we have the following sponsor companies:

From each sponsor company we have multiple challenges that can be approached from various viewpoints, including wellbeing, engineering, design and business. The goal is to have teams that represent different disciplines from HAMK to jointly work on the project.

You can find and overview of the Product Development Project, schedule, readings, staff etc. from the attached PDP working kit.


PDP is part of Häme Design Factory project

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