New Data Analytics module in the making


We are super excited about our new data analytics module that will launch on 16th March 2023. We have put the creative geniuses from HAMK Smart, HAMK Edu and HAMK Design Factory together to deliver the next generation of teaching and learning in data analytics.

The module focuses on understanding data-related phenomena. We aim to enable our students to gain basic understanding of knowledge management, quantitative reasoning, data analysis, and its application in bioeconomy and circular economy. These new skills are put to practice in data analytics projects, where the students work in multidisciplinary teams to deliver a data analytics solution to company challenges.

What is new is the quantitative reasoning for data analytics that is delivered by Juulia Lahdenperä from HAMK Edu. Juulia did her PhD thesis on Supporting quality of learning in university mathematics: Contrasting students’ approaches to learning, self-efficacy, and regulation of learning in two student-centred learning environments  and now we have the opportunity to apply that expertise to mathematics in data analytics. We have also taken the lessons learned from Anne-Mari’s research and PhD thesis: Developing data analytics capabilities of circular economy SMEs to enhance the way we co-design data analytics projects with the industry. For data analytics tools, we have been using Microsoft Power BI and we are now planning to release the tools training as an massive online open course (MOOC) so that anyone interested can also start practicing their data analytics skills.

Stay tuned on the developments, something great is on the way 😉


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