Meet the Lecturers: Leena K. from HAMK


Teaching mainly in Management of Fashion Supply Chain

Besides beeing a fashion lecturer, I´ve been working in Fashion Business since 1987. In every case I have been a part of product development chain as pattern master. So, my responsibility is to make a designers idea to come true; to develop an idea from drawing to real garment that fits in production chain, is fitting to customer, is profitable and commercial.

My specialty is to manage production process both in-house and sourced from outside. I´ve been sourcing production from Russia, Estonia, Turkey, Bulgaria, China, Vietnam, Thailand, Bangladesh and Romania. And of course in Finland with local producers. Since 2009 I´ve been working independently. My last case is from summer 2016; SS2017 collection for Neulomo.

LinkedIn: Leena Koivunen

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