Meet the Lecturers: Annikka Lepola from HAMK


Teaching and coaching in Supply Chain Management in Fashion Business and International Fashion Branding and Marketing.

When starting to create a new business and structuring the value chain for business operations it is vital to have a global mindset from the very beginning. Why to limit the growth possibilities of your business to your own country boundaries when the international customer, value and supply chain partner network offers all the opportunities of the global markets? Thus, it is important to train yourself how to manage the global business operations. I believe that the most valuable question in business development is: how to deliver real value for your customers?

I have been working in sales and marketing positions in diverse industries; in chemical industry, media marketing (tv, newspaper, radio, digital services) and retail businesses in both public and family-owned companies in Finnish and international markets. My competence areas as a Senior Lecturer in HAMK International Business degree program are: internationalization of SME’s, market entry, sales and marketing, customer relationship management, value chain, project management and project-based learning, entrepreneurial skills and experimentation means for innovation and business development.

I believe in power of enthusiasm and can-do-attitude!

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