Design Factory Courses 2019-2020


In HAMK Design Factory you will find team working spaces, wood, metal and electroshops, 3D printing, laser cutting, and multipurpose prototyping & testing facilities. First Design Factory courses are running full speed and 2nd period courses are getting close. Upcoming courses are cSchool, Data Analytics Project, Product Development and Amazing Business Train. Under you can find more information about the courses in 2019 and 2020.


IoT Project 9.9.-31.12.2019, 5 credits

In IoT Project students work with problems that are given and sponsored by organizations, who are searching for innovative cooperation with the next generation of product developers.  IoT project typically includes phases discovering customer needs, planning, searching for information, creation of concepts, decision making, and detailed computer-aided design. The product phases of manufacturing, assembling and testing at customer premises are strongly related to the most valuable learning experiences.

By applying service design methods students ideate an IoT product that combines physical and software interfaces to match the needs of a customer organization. The working takes place in interdisciplinary teams making use of and strengthening each students’ own expertise. In addition to IoT design, the students are familiarized with design thinking, business design, and customer-centered design principles.


Rapid Product Development 30.8.- 31.12.2019, 5 credits

Rapid product development course covers tools and techniques of product development, networked innovation and R&D, design thinking, prototype development, quality management, verification and validation, as well as, leading agile R&D prototyping projects.

Research and development (R&D) is a key source of competitive advantage for technology firms. Working under pressure of competition and rapid technological changes, the firms have to decide how to use their limited R&D capabilities in the best possible manner.
Rapid product development project (RPD) is an intensive course hosted by HAMK Design Factory and OpenLab at Tampere University of Applied Sciences. Both learning environments provide prototyping facilities to support rapid product development.


cSchool 28.10.-30.12.2019 and 21.1.-5.5.2020, 5-10 credits

cSchool is a project-based course where students solve real-life business problems. Teams work with three projects in cSchool: one own project, one from HAMK and one that every student does on its own. Students learn to use business design and service design methods and they also dive into a marketing world. During the course, students also get familiar with research and development methods. The course is mainly in Finnish but it’s also possible to study in English.


Data Analytics Project 19.3.– 7.5.2020, 5 credits

In Data Analytics course students learn the basics of data analytics and the possibilities of using data-analytics in work-life. Through case tasks, students can apply data analytics in developing applications. Teams are a combination of students from Bioeconomy Engineering, Business Information Technology, Computer Applications, and International Business that have skills and knowledge needed to develop data analytics solutions for companies.

Data Analytics Project is an 8 weeks-long sprint, where a data analytics solution is developed to the topics presented by project sponsor. A project sponsor is a company that describes the topic and problem and supply the student team with relevant data. The students learn the basics of data mining and the use of Excel and Power-BI in data-analytics. After completing the project, the students have a thorough understanding of the possibilities of data analytics.


Product Development 28.10.2019 – 20.12.2019 and 16.03. – 08.05.2020, 15 credits

In the Product Development course, students learn the process of product designing and model building as a part of industrial design. Students understand the role of automation and embedded systems in the early phase of product design and know-how to design functionality as part of the product. The course is in Finnish.


PDP 10-15 credits 21.1.-5.5.2020

Studying in PDP is based on problem-based learning (PBL) philosophy. Most of the problems are given and sponsored by manufacturing companies, who are searching for innovative cooperation with the next generation of product developers. At the start, much attention is directed to the forming of highly motivated interdisciplinary team.

A project typically includes phases of planning, searching for information, creation of concepts, decision making, and detailed computer-aided development. The product phases of manufacture, assembly, and testing are strongly related to the most valuable learning experiences. In PDP students have an opportunity to learn more in specific areas while working as a safety officer, business shark, team manager or economy manager.


Amazing Business Train is literally the fastest workshop in HAMK (160 km/h). During the ABT the work is done is multidisciplinary teams, developing either your own or the teams business ideas. Amazing Business Train starts from Hämeenlinna and goes up to Oulu via Tampere. Amazing Business Train is on rails 29th-30th October! Apply before 7th October!

In addition to the credit units (5), ABT also offers the possibility to develop your skills together with fellow travelers, HAMK’s coaches and all the other participants of that attend the ABT. In Amazing Business Train, you’ll have the possibility to create a network that is operational and beneficiary to you even after the trip has ended.

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