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HAMK Design Factory will organize Product Development Project (PDP) in spring and fall in 2020. PDP is an 4-months long project course, where learning is tied to a real-life product development challenge given by partner companies. Studying is based on problem based learning (PBL) philosophy and co-creation pedagogy developed at HAMK. Most of the problems are given and sponsored by manufacturing companies, who are searching for innovative cooperation with the next generation of product developers.

The idea is to form interdisciplinary and international teams that have necessary diversity in education, knowledge and skills that enable them innovate and design new solutions and products to the complex and novel challenges outlined by the companies. PDP emphasizes the co-creation between students, business and teachers. Therefore, in PDP, the journey is important, not only the end results. In order, to make sure the student teams are moving to the right direction and to avoid possible pitfalls in product development, PDP necessitates frequent communication between students themselves and project sponsor. Teachers have active role in designing the challenges with companies, guiding students, and helping in case there are conflicts or unforeseen problems that halt the product development process. Teachers also support competence development, and using the product development facilities and equipment at Design Factory. However, students have center stage in PDP, and at the end it is the students work that is presented to the companies and celebrated in Product Development Project gala.


PDP is part of Häme Design Factory project

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