What in the world is Design Factory? FAQ


We get a lot of questions about studying in HAMK Design Factory and what in the world do we do here? Wait no more, we will tell you! We have collected all the frequently asked questions (FAQ) about Design Factory here!

  • What is Design Factory and where it is?

Design Factory is an interdisciplinary product and service design and learning platform uniting students, teachers, researchers, and industry. In Design Factory the work takes place in interdisciplinary teams making use of and strengthening each students’ own area of expertise. The idea of Design Factory is to enable learning by doing in real life industry projects. Design Factory offers a diverse range of courses and facilities for building prototypes.

The participating organizations are involved in the projects during the whole journey, not just at the beginning and end of the project. In essence, the journey together is more important than just the end results. Thus, in Design Factory projects the interaction between the company and inside interdisciplinary teams is emphasized.

Facilities are located in HAMK Hämeenlinna E-building and soon in Riihimäki campus too.

  • Is there other Design Factories in the world?

Design Factory is originally from Aalto University and now there are 27 Design Factories around the world. We are part Design Factory Global Network and we gather together every spring and fall to share ideas and thoughts. Read more about the global co-operation and find all the Design Factories that are part of Design Factory Global Network (DFGN).

  • What can I study in Design Factory and when?

All courses in 2019-2020 are listed here and all the information and separate introductions to courses are going to appear in the blog too!

  • Who is working in Design Factory?

Staff introductions are in progress but eventually, they can be found here!

  • Do I have to be a HAMK student so I can participate to courses? How do I apply for the courses?

No, you don’t have to be a HAMK’s student to be able to participate. Therefore students from other schools and Design Factories can participate to courses. Enrollment to courses happens in Pakki.

  • What kind of machines and equipments there are in Design Factory?

There is Stage area for presentations, Assembly room for building prototypes, Print shop with multiple printing possibilities, Laser corner for cutting and curving materials, Woodshop to work with wood,  Metal shop for working with different kind of metals, Electric corner for building embedded systems and Nerd-ery to work with Virtual Reality platforms. All the machines and facilities are listed in blog, read more!

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