Data Analytics Project


Data Analytics Project

Data Analytics Project is organized by HAMK Design Factory and Bioeconomy Engineering degree programme. It will take place on 19.3.-8.5.2020. The project is a part of Bioeconomy Engineer’s Data Analytics module, that includes the following parts:

  • Probability and Statistics 3 ECTS
  • Data Analytic Tools 5 ECTS
  • Data Analytics in Bioeconomy 2 ECTS
  • Data Analytics Project 5 ECTS

Students learn the basics of data analytics and how to apply those skills in a real life company project. During the project students acquire knowledge on data collection and data processing techniques as well as the most common methods used in data analysis and visualization. The project provides the opportunity learn the basics of data mining and use of Excel and Power BI in data analytics.


We invite students to join multidisciplinary project teams!

Interdisciplinary student teams are formed of students from Bioeconomy Engineering, Business Information Technology, Computer Applications and International Business. It is suitable for full-time and for part-time students.  You can take the whole module 15 ECT or just the Project 5 ECTS.

Data Analytics Project will be guided by Principal Research Scientists Dr. Jari Jussila, Data Analyst Olli Koskela and Lecturer Anne-Mari Järvenpää. Project will be conducted during 8 weeks with the following plan:

  • Week 1
    • Project sponsors present their topic and deliver the data (project sponsors and students live & recording, Zoom for remote students)
    • Selection of project topic
    • Agreeing on communication with the project sponsor (Documentation, meetings and chat in Microsoft Teams)
  • Week 2
    • Familiarization of project sponsor data
    • Identifying and defining the problem statement
    • Exploration of problem and data: what can we answer with data given?
    • Discussion about data with project sponsor (online)
  • Week 3
    • Explorative analysis of data using PowerBI, and formulating questions project sponsor
    • Create first visualizations of the project
    • Discussion about visualizations with project sponsor
  • Week 4
    • Reframe and redefine the problem, create new variables if necessary
    • Cleanse and enhance data, create first metrics of the project
    • Discussion about metrics with project sponsor (online)
  • Week 5-6
    • Append and contextualize data from other data sources
    • Creating views & dashboards for different stakeholders/user groups
    • How are we doing -discussion with project sponsor (online)
  • Week 7
    • Preparing the presentation and report
    • How are we doing -discussion with project sponsor (online)
  • Week 8
    • Presentations (project sponsors present live & recording)


We are looking for companies in co-operation

Data Analytics Project is an 8 weeks long sprint, where a data analytics solution is developed to the topics presented by project sponsor. Project sponsor is a company that describe the topic and problem and supply the student team with relevant data. Project is free of charge for companies, but they have to invest their time to interact with students weekly basis.  The solution is developed in constant interaction with the project sponsor, having weekly checkpoints on progress. Companies must visit two times at Forssa campus: presenting the task for students on Thursday 19.3.2020 and listening teams results on Thursday  7.5.2020.  During the six weeks in between, companies and students will interact online once a week to steer the project in the right direction.

Contact person for companies is Lecturer Anne-Mari Järvenpää.


PDP is part of Häme Design Factory project

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