”Studies at HAMK are extremely flexible”


Text: Veera Sciacca  Photo: Kia Partanen

Name: Abdullah “Aapo” Maisari 

Nationality: Yemeni 

Degree Programme: Construction Engineering 3rd year 


Why did you decide to come to Finland to study? 

I was working and studying in Finland when I first learned about the quality of education and the education system in Finland through mainstream media. All I knew about Finland was Nokia, clean nature and small population. Finland really sparked an interest on me, I decided to do my own research and what I learned made a lasting impression on me. Studying in Finland has definitely been an adventure which I don’t regret taking on. I have stories to tell for years to come. I was slightly worried about the cold winters, but they are not as bad as I expected. I got used to the weather within few weeks. 


Why did you decide to apply for HAMK? 

I already knew that I wanted to study construction engineering in Finland and when I found out that HAMK´s construction engineering was focused on steel and steel structures, I was immediately sold. I also particularly like building and industrial modelling. After finding a degree programme that I was interested in, I started to research the location and found that Hämeenlinna is just the perfect size for me. Hämeenlinna is not too big and not too small and having the opportunity to easily visit Helsinki and Tampere is just an added bonus. Tampere is my favourite city in Finland. 


How are your studies going? 

My studies are going great. The studies at HAMK are extremely flexible. I was able to get some of my previous studies credited and I chose to take some extra modules, so I completed year 1 and year 2 studies during my first year. I will therefore be able to graduate sooner. I truly enjoy studying in an international environment. I have had the pleasure to meet people from all over the world and working with them on projects has taught me so much about international co-operation and I have also learned a lot about myself and my own culture. 


What do you do during your free time? 

This summer I worked as a trainee for HAMK Tech research unit. I decided to apply for the position and I worked really hard on my CV and impressing the research unit and my hard work paid off, when I was offered a trainee position. My summer at HAMK Tech has been very educational and fun. I already have a great idea for my thesis. The team at HAMK Tech is very international and I have learned so much from them and I have learned and practiced my Finnish. I do everything from writing reports to driving a forklift. You really get to apply things you have learned in practice. I have had so much fun getting hands on experience. In fact, I was nicknamed ´Laastarimies´ meaning plaster man after having a tendency to cut myself during the process. 


What do you want to do after graduation? 

I want to work in an engineering position for a company that does greater good for the world. Energy efficiency and energy conservation are close to my heart but so are some other causes such as the environment. I am already active in an international organization for the environment and I want to combine that passion for a future career in engineering. I already have some companies in mind that I would be thrilled to work for. My first choice is to stay in Finland as my fiancé is Finnish, but we have also discussed the possibility that our careers might take us abroad. I am excited to find out where I´ll end up. 


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