Tarvas Footwear


6.3.2018 We had visitors from Tarvas Footwear. Tarvas Footwear founders told us that when they met, both had similar ideas, and they started to play around with ideas for finnish shoe brand. That’s how they got their idea to start.

When they started Tarvas it was more like a hobby, they both got their own jobs beside it, but the aim was to create the company someday. Then they left former companies and started to work fulltime on Tarvas.

They were influenced by the spirit of the ancient moose Tarvas and that’s how they got the name to the company. Foundation for company’s inspiration came from finnish nature, weather, history, timeless and Kalevala writings. From the beginning they were true to what they believed in, making shoe authentic and premium. They were also making sure it lasts and looks good with keeping your feet dry. It was a challenge to combine all what they wanted it to be, so they crafted a lot of prototypes. They wanted to create footwear that resists the unpredictable weather of the Nordics and lives up to high aesthetic standards. So, they designed functional shoe for finnish weather where is crafted a rugged mudguard that helps keep your feet dry and the quality upper leather lets your feet breathe.

Tarvas has sustainable values, all materials are sourced from Europe, assembling and finishing takes place in Finland. Their mission is to create authentic, premium and functional products and experiences. And their vision is to be a guide for clear, compassionate and authentic life.


Riikka Täppinen, Tomi Haapoja

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