MIOONA – Colourful design with a truly global approach


MIOONA is a shoe and accessories company founded by Oona Ritari in 2014. Oona has graduated from HAMK in summer 2016 and is a former professional dancer and a hair stylist. Previously Oona has been working with fashion in various projects for 15 years. She’s currently working with her contacts in Uganda, developing renewable materials from i. e. fish skin and banana fiber.

Oona’s designs are colourful and humorous. She’s designing for people with a unique and brave style. She focuses on shoes, bags and jewellery, almost all of her products being made to order. Her best-known product is a double bag made of leather. She has a somewhat artistic approach to design and follows her own vision. Although her style is playful, practicality and comfort are important to her as well.

Her business is only starting to take wind and at the moment she is looking for potential production partners in order to be able to expand. Oona’s advice to us students is to follow your dreams and treat people with respect – do that, and everything is possible!

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