Mary Noorgard-Larsen


Mary Norgaard-Larsen, Via University College, Denmark . She was giving lectures on the freezing week in our university of applied sciences HAMK.

The main idea was how to unite design thinking and business thinking. Design thinking is different thinking than business thinking. Combining these two is important! How to combine design thinking on business word.


Lots of thoughts on co-operation. How to think the problem differently. What I can do, what do I need for help and what I can not do. The most active groups work creatively and knowingly. Most problems require both creativity and knowledge to solve them. The most effective teams work creativel with knowledge.

Mary’s the head point was a different way to thinking. Issues of the problem. What is it? Where? Why? What? Does it work? What is design thinking? She put everyone to think. Where did the idea come from? It’s important to know about history so that we can make the future. Do new, remember old, ”stick on ice”.How to get the product desirable and find people’s needs.


Find, Frams, Fullfill, Fabricate, Form, Knowlegde. The next day we looked at “find” more, but the next post will tell you more.

Mary gave a job for all who was in the lecture. Invented a solution for rescuing Titanic’s passengers. Our question was, “how the captain would have saved all the passengers?” I think this was a very good job, that she put everybody to think. Another task was to define the height of the building. Are you going do the most simple answer or do you use imagination? For example, test in practice or measures the distance and the time. She had many different methods to solve problems. One was this, Sudoku. For each Sudoku box, all that fit together.

Mary had a lot of things and information. The pace was very fast, I did not always get involved! She had a very artistic and creative mind. She’s lecture gave a lot of thoughts and thinking.


  • Jonna Starck

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