Global Fashion Business is here again!


Fashion is not only about design and creating. It is not only about branding and marketing. Fashion is a chain from designer’s idea to meet the consumer desires. Fashion is a mixture of art and business combined with production process; all parts are essential. Global Fashion Business study module is an opportunity to experience the whole chain and to get to know all aspects of global fashion business. This academic year (2017-2018) we are having both, Global Fashion Business 1 and 2 modules in our schedule.

Global Fashion Business study modules focus on small-size designer based fashion companies and emphasize sustainable fashion business. GFB modules offer the opportunity to learn from the real fashion business players – there will be visits to fashion business organizations and professionals at their working places in Helsinki and Tampere. We will also have inspirational guest lectures from fashion field. This creates flexibility with the time scheduling and some traveling costs for the students. HAMK students from the Design, International Business and Business Administration Degree Programs are welcome to join the inspiring, learning journey to the Global Fashion Business.

Like last year, our students are writing blog posts here about their learning experiences, visiting lecturers, projects and study trips. We are starting the module in January 2018. In the meanwhile, you can read older blog posts here or get to know our Global Fashion Business teachers here.


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