gamEngine lab – blog is now open!


Time to open the beneficial use of game engines blog is finally here!

We wanted to create our own subject focused blog. It´s because game engines and related technologies is such a big theme all together. Just keeping up with the related news is a big task. Though we plan to link the most interesting articles and news we find here.

The blog is mainly about beneficial use of game engines and related technologies. With related technologies we mean virtual reality (vr), augmented reality (ar), mixed reality (mr) and anything related to these and other stuff you can use with game engines.

HAMK Smart

The blog is also about what we are doing here at HAMK Smart Research Unit to advance the beneficial usage of these technologies and sharing our findings, project, results and more.

This blog will also work as Virtual Products in Manufacturing Industry -projects, also known as “VATTU – Valmistavan teollisuuden virtuaaliset tuotteet” main communications channel. You can find more details about the project in the near future. Everything related to VATTU will be under it´s own category and also tagged as VATTU.

We warmly welcome you to join our journey to change the world from our perspective!

So basically anything we find interesting or worth sharing with you will be posted here, related to beneficial use of game engines of course.

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Our main team: Tiina, Juhis and Toni


A couple of articles we have written about the subject before that you might want to check out:

Open your eyes to beneficial use of game engines part 1 of 3 (in finnish) by Niina Järvinen.

A student visualization project of Hattula´s unbuilt health center (in finnish) by Jessi Maunula.


Don´t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or interest.

Lot more to follow, but short introductions of ourselves (picture) coming first.

Juha-Matti Torkkel, ratkaisuasiantuntija, HAMK Smart, 0505022040
Juha-Matti Torkkel, ratkaisuasiantuntija, HAMK Smart, 0505022040