On the plus side: Digipedamentoring strengthens in the new School of Entrepreneurship, Business and Technology


Häme University of Applied Sciences has a long tradition as a developer of digital and online learning. Currently, the development work is coordinated by the LeaD (Learning Design) team, where experts from different areas of digital and online working work. Next to the LeaD core team, digipedamentors also work to support the staff. Digipedamentors develop competencies related to the online teaching of educational units as well as research units. They work as developers of digital pedagogy with staff members and serve as strong everyday support in various digipedagogical issues.

The following five persons work as digipedamentors in the new School of Entrepreneurship, Business and Technology which is now starting to operate:

Presentations and thoughts of digipedamentors when starting a new School

Linda Kantola, Senior Lecturer in Languages & Communication and Mentor in digital pedagogy

“I started working at HAMK School of Technology in autumn 2020 as a Senior Lecturer in Languages and Communication. My special interests within digipedagogy include e-learning materials, interaction online, accessibility and TEL (technology enhanced learning). I’m pleased about the growth of our mentoring team in digital pedagogy, and cooperation with competent new colleagues feels inspiring. We have a committed and motivated mentoring team that consists of diverse knowledge and different strengths. It feels good to start collaboration together!”

Timi Kohonen, eLearning Coordinator and Mentor in digital pedagogy

”I started working at HAMK in the autumn of the COVID-19 year 2020 as an e-Learning coordinator in the business and entrepreneur unit (YrLi) and currently I work in the Business Information Technology programme with the same job title. I work as a digital support expert, as a mentor in digital pedagogy and as a teacher for many different educational programme. I am a Master of Arts (in education) and a Business Information Technology Bachelor, which gives me strong the capabilities to operate in my current job that includes many different roles. I truly enjoy to participate in developing and building digital pedagogy solutions!”

Leena Mäkinen, Senior lecture in Business Administration and Mentor in digital pedagogy 

”I have been working with e-learning since 2006. Working as a tutor and teacher for online business degree students has given me a lot of know-how in both online education and its guidance. The national eAMK project and the development of the Digital Starter Kit in HAMK led me to become a digipedamentor and a High-quality module implementation developer. Now it’s exciting to get to know the studies and modules in the field of technology as well. You can always contact me, and as a tip, I also recommend following the blog series (Plussan Puolella) by digipedamentors.”

Eeva Niemelä, Educational technology specialist and Mentor in digital pedagogy 

“I started working as a part of LeaD -team this February. My areas of expertise are for example Microsoft 365, digital accessibility and teaching materials. I’m inspired by developing, learning and creating new things. If you need any tips for hybrid teaching, visualizing information, or with Forms-quizzes, hit me up! My educational background is as a teacher in mathematics and computer science, and I believe that it gives a good basis to understand and help teachers in engineering and technical fields.”

Emmi Tarvainen, eLearning Coordinator & Guidance Counsellor and Mentor in digital pedagogy

”I have been working at HAMK with eLearning since 2007. I work here both as a digital support expert and a mentor in digital pedagogy in our unit, and also as guidance counsellor for online students in degree programme of Business Information Technology. I have also been developing the Starter Kit of Digital Skills in the national eAMK Project. My areas of expertise are especially Moodle and Zoom, so feel free to contact me!”

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