Meet the Staff: Markku Mikkonen


Hello, my name is Markku Mikkonen and I am one of our HAMK Design Factory staff community members and I work as our community’s technical expert.

How did you end up in HAMK and what do you bring to Design Factory?

Meet the Staff: Markku Mikkonen

I applied to study in the HAMK glass and ceramic design department in late 2015  and graduated in early 2019. During my design studies, I also graduated from Jyväskylä Universities’ basic studies in education.

After my graduation from HAMK, I applied back into the design as a work try-out for a couple of months. During my try-out, I got introduced to the upcoming Design Factory department and from then on, I’ve been working as a technical expert for DF.


What I bring to DF is a wider knowledge/experience altogether. Not only from glass and ceramic design, and from education theory viewpoint, but also from my earlier studies in carpentry and blacksmithing. During my design studies, I also got into laser cutting, 3D modeling and 3D printing. Thus, in this case, one could say, I am a Jack of many trades. My goal is mainly to gain as much knowledge and experience as I can, which then I could share with others.

I see DF as a perfect base for this goal because it gives me the chance to socialize with others from different backgrounds, share and develop my skills even further.

Outside life from Design Factory?

I spend my free time with friends and hobbies. During my hobbies, I mainly practice archery, music, different handcrafting skills. For the rest of my free time, I play different video – and board games with friends and enjoy quiet reading or writing time.

Meet the Staff: Markku Mikkonen

Spending free time means time to forget about the outside world and for self-development… Also sharing that time with a cat that sleeps 90% of the day and with a spider, who just stares 24/7.

Meet the Staff: Markku Mikkonen



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