Career in Finland – Mechanical Engineering


Arina Shakurova, Mechanical Designer at RD Velho

Arina Shakurova is originally from Moscow, now living in Riihimäki. She decided to apply to HAMK after travelling to Finland with her family. “I knew studies are more practically oriented in Finland and I wanted to graduate fast,” Arina explains.

She finished her studies in Mechanical Engineering at Riihimäki Campus in two years. “I worked a lot. Study adviser Salla Niittymäki helped me schedule my studies. I appreciate the flexibility of the study system, it helps each student to find the best way to reach their targets.”

Arina says people who surrounded her played a great role in her quick graduation. “They were patient and supportive, able to adapt to the situation and organise things differently. Also, lack of hierarchy among students and teachers builds an inspiring atmosphere during studies.”

Arina found a job from her field before she got her diploma. She has been working at consulting and engineering office RD Velho since February. “I´m just at the beginning of my career. My core tasks are mechanical engineering, CAD modelling and preparation of technical documentation.”

In a male-dominated field, Arina has not faced any difficulties. At RD Velho both men and women can become team leaders. What matters are skills and attitude. “I enjoy my work in this company. It is great that all of us do their jobs to reach a common goal: create an intelligent world.”

After a dense period of studies, there is now some free time for hobbies as well – drawing, riding, handicrafts and doing sports. She visits her family in Moscow approximately every three months.

Arina is planning to get Finnish citizenship. And in 5 to 10 years she wants to be involved “into a creation of a large project”, facts about which she doesn´t want to specify yet. “My goal is to offer something unique to the world. And to reach the aim, I am looking for like-minded people.”

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