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Igor Trotskii, Data Scientist at Metso

When Igor started his studies at Electrical and Automation Engineering degree programme at HAMK, he realised that half of the studies was such content that he hated in the high school. For his surprise, when he applied the theoretical knowledge in something practical, everything changed and even the topics he hated became interesting. “HAMK was perfect in teaching the theory and then putting the theory into practise during numerous lab works. The much-hated Boolean algebra was God’s gift during the course in electronics, and complex numbers and trigonometry for power engineering.”

Igor and Jukka Pulkkinen from HAMK Smart

Igor’s career as a data scientist got a kick start when he was invited to do his thesis in HAMK Smart research centre and then start to work as a project engineer. “I believe that most of the skills I have right now are from working at HAMK Smart. I received almost unlimited freedom to learn and try things I wanted. Nobody ever commanded me to do something and I was able to make most of technical decisions independently in the given framework. This way I was able to experience the real consequences of my actions”, Igor tells about his work at HAMK Smart.

When Igor was interviewed for his current job as a data scientist at Metso, he was asked what he did and how he did it – questions which are impossible to answer just by reading books. “Metso was looking for understanding, which comes with experience. In the end, knowledge and experience I got during my bachelor of engineering studies and working at HAMK Smart turned out to be a lot more important than M.Sc. or Ph.D. before my name and I got an offer”, Igor describes. Now when Igor’s career at Metso has started, it is obvious that we will hear more about his accomplishments in the future.

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