“And who knows, maybe in 10 or 15 years I’ll be the next CEO. Why not?”


Five years ago Jad Jawhar came from Lebanon to Finland to study Mechanical Engineering and Production Technology at HAMK. When he arrived he was only 17 years old – younger than any or his classmates, or even anyone in the whole Riihimäki campus. Now he has been working at Konecranes as a development engineer for two years, and just started his Master’s studies at Aalto University. This is his career story.

How did you end up in your current position at Konecranes?

Well, basically when I was studying at HAMK I had two different jobs. The first one I was doing was a salesperson at one shop in Helsinki, and then I was working for HAMK in the 3D Engineering Academy. There I got to know a little bit more about customers and companies, because we did 3D scanning inspection and reverse engineering.

After that, I was hired at Etteplan as an intern. I worked there for two months and before I graduated I was hired for Konecranes. I did my thesis for Konecranes as well, and I continued with the company after I graduated.

What is your favorite thing about your current job?

The people, the teams, my boss and my tasks. I’m involved with the steel structure pricing sales configurator, so I’m not doing the same job twice. It’s always something new and really interesting.

What does your future plans look like?

At the moment I’m doing my master’s degree. After that, I’m planning to head for an MBA for Master’s in business administration. And then I’m not sure if I’m going to do Ph.D., but for sure, after I graduate, I’d like to get even in a higher position at Konecranes. And who knows, maybe in ten or 15 years I’ll be the next CEO. Why not? 😉

How is your Finnish?

Jad responses in Finnish: Noniin, I actually speak Finnish very well. I got through YKI test (Official Finnish language test) and I am about to apply for the Finnish citizenship in December.

What would you like to say to all new students or those who consider studying at HAMK?

All right. I would like to ask them to study, finish, go to sauna and network with people, because the only way to land for a job in Finland is actually by networking. So do it while you are studying. HAMK will take you to many different companies and many different forums, try to collect some people’s some business cards and call them when needed.

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Sarianne Vihakara
International Marketing Coordinator
Strategic Communications, HAMK

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