Prototyping a command center for distant meetings


It has been our new project to build a prototype from a command center for distant meetings. The current situation has lead to creating new possible solutions for making distance meetings more professional. Current PDP has enabled a window to prototype the command center and make it a viable solution for future lectures and seminars. We have now built the first prototyped version of the command center for distance meetings. Read more below!

Opening the problem: 

This year has been quite interesting so far as the schools moved into more remote learning solutions, there were fewer opportunities to gather students for education. These distant lectures offer less communication and participation with the students since students often keep their mics muted and does not use webcams. Before Product Development Project 21 started on the 27th of October, we were planning to create a command center before the first scheduled lecture. Due to schedule problems, the command center was postponed.  


Even though the initial command center idea was delayed, we still wanted to create a more professional look for our lectures. The main idea is that teachers could use the command center to create a more professional look for the lectures. Now the prototyped command center for distant meetings consists of: 

  • A video camera connected to our streaming computer 
  • AKG Wireless headset microphone 
  • Students can be heard from the stage speakers
  • Big screen for the presenter to see what happens in Zoom 

This command center is still in the prototype phase and it was built from the equipment we currently have availableWe have already done a few test runs with this prototype in our Product Development Project 21 course and it has been working quite well without any problems so far.

Prototyping a command center for distant meetingsPrototyping a command center for distant meetingsPrototyping a command center for distant meetingsPrototyping a command center for distant meetings


Also looking into the future this could also be used in the future to help students to participate from home while there is a live session going on. This would mean that students can come to watch the live stream or come on the spot. Here are some upgrade ideas that are good to investigate in the future:

  • Portable lights
  • Dedicated camera set with tripod
  • Elgato capture card
  • Wireless microphone set
  • Speakers or headset
  • Small audio interface
  • Wireless keyboard and mouse
  • Laptop
  • External display

These upgrades would open new possibilities to create lectures from a variety of places and situations. I think that it would be a good thing if the equipment could be installed into a briefcase. This makes it possible to move the c0mmand center easily into different places. The idea is to make it easy as possible for the teacher to set up.


This command center build was a great process to prototype. It gave us more insights into what kind of equipment you need and how the setup can help to create more interesting lectures. This current situation motivates to create more interesting content and now it is time to develop better remote learning situations. Also, future ideas would make this setup to be more portable and make it more accessible for teachers to use in the future.

The first version of the command center works for now. Hopefully, we get to witness the 2.0 version in the future!

– Jali


PDP is part of Häme Design Factory project

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