Views on sustainable bioeconomy


Self-involvement and shared responsibility for actions towards sustainable bioeconomy repeats in our views. The points of view might be different from other, but goals are the same; actions should be made from small to large scale to mitigate climate change and to enable healthy living for future generations.

You can’t avoid hearing about sustainable bioeconomy these days, and I think it’s a great thing. People’s awareness of sustainability and more ecological ways to consume is raising every day. We all should act to slow down the climate change. You can often hear people saying that it’s not in one person’s hands to save the world but if everyone does their own share, the results could be seen maybe even in our lifetime or at least for future generations.


Sustainable bioeconomy is becoming more and more important. We must find more efficient ways of using our resources and think of new ideas for renewing or replacing existing infrastructures with more ecological solutions. We already have positive results of using wood-based fibers in clothing industry. There are also new ways for using wood as building material. As wood is renewable as material, buildings made of wood also bind carbon dioxide. With a little investigation, the opportunities of replacing old and non-ecological products seem to be endless. How it will be achieved and whether everyone is willing to take part of this journey is another thing, since these new solutions might not be the cheapest to apply.


Sustainable development makes it possible to secure opportunities for good living for present and future generations. It is important so that our grandchildren can also be safe and sound. The challenges of a climate change are urgent. To prevent climate change, a great deal of changes should be made in the short term. Everyone is able to contribute to the realization of sustainable development through their own actions, which is why everyone should think about their own actions and not leave it to the others.


In today’s world, few things are not advertised with sustainability and environmental friendliness. Having green values and a climate-friendly mission have become the new sexual content in marketing. People want to watch green bio labels, and everyone remembers if a company states they are becoming carbon-neutral by year x. Green values are a good mission but, in my opinion, there are still too big players out from the game and too small players are left playing with the high stakes.

Before buying, people should remember that it is each and every time more green and carbon-neutral to not buy anything we do not actually need. Forget the green glasses when thinking of buying something with green labels on it. It has been manufactured by resources. If you think again, do you actually need it? You are right, you do not. You may feel a little pain for giving it up first. But after seconds go by, you realize that you did not do anything at all and were greener than the one that bought the bio-labeled and green-wrapped product. Isn’t that cool?


Sustainable bioeconomy forces us to think outside the box. When trying to think of alternatives for unsustainable choices, new innovations can be and are found. Willingness to invest in new innovations can slow down the development. Sustainable bioeconomy goals are common and cooperation towards these goals connects people around the world. Everyone can involve in creating change through starting with little choices in everyday life.


Sustainable bioeconomy brings not only business opportunities but also important environment benefits. However, certain bioeconomic solutions appear to be attractive from the sustainability point of view but do not bring immediate and significant profits.



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