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In January 2020 started Bioeconomy Engineering studies in English for the first time. For now, there are under ten students in the group, both from Finland and abroad. The group is still getting new students and it is possible to apply for these studies with a direct application throughout the year.

Minnamari Kuusisto is one of the finnish students, who started their studies in January. She tells that she got interested in information and communication technologies while she worked as an au pair in Silicon Valley, California.
-I was in California for two years and there I got more familiar with ICT and saw all around me people who worked in the field of technology as a coder, web developer, systems analyst and I started to think that there could be career for me too.

Minnamari has applied to study computer science also before these studies, but as she didn´t get approved, she ended up spending more time abroad. When she came back from Australia, was again time to decide what next.
-I found this Bioeconomy Engineering degree programme and it sounded really interesting. As I am interested in technology, development and innovation, this looked like a good opportunity for me. I also have this idea, that I would like to start my own business and it would offer a new solution to an environmental issue.

As Minnamari prefers to live in big cities and spent quite a lot of time abroad, she first hesitated to choose to study in a small town in Finland. After all, it has been a positive surprise to notice that it is not necessarily about where you are, but who are you with and what you are doing there. She thinks that Forssa is a good place also for foreign students – it is near big cities and it is easy to make weekend trips, you have all services near and you can walk or go with bicycle everywhere and you easily get to know other students.

Minnamari chose international degree programme because she has always thought that at some point she will study or work permanently abroad. She thinks that being international gives more opportunities during studies and in searching for job.
-At the moment we are studying about responsibility in circular economy, future food systems and we have started creating a solution for a company called Foxa about what they could do with their surplus fabrics. First we had a one day hackathon with students from sustainable development degree programme and now we are developing those solutions from the hackathon day with HAMK Design Factory to create our own business ideas. This is exactly what we were told these studies would be like – we would become engineers that are equipped with the knowledge and skills that put sustainable development goals into action.

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Ms. Katja Pouta, Business Cooperation Assistant, DP in Bioeconomy Engineering, Forssa, Finland

Ms. Minnamari Kuusisto, a first-year student, DP in Bioeconomy Engineering, Forssa, Finland


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