TEFORMI project is forming development partnerships between vocational colleges, businesses and university of applied sciences that implement the VET reform in Finland and respond to future skill requirements.


The Teformi project steering group at Halton’s Kausala factory

The development partnerships focus on specific areas of technology, each of which forms its own development pilot:

  • Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering (Tavastia Vocational College)
  • Vehicle Technology (Tavastia Vocational College)
  • Electrical and Automation Technology (Kouvola Region Vocational College)
  • Building Maintenance Technology (Kouvola Region Vocational College).


The project will be building hybrid learning environments for technology fields. Teachers will be trained to become both forecasters of regional skill requirements as well as career coaches for students. For tutoring the potential top experts of the future, the project will develop new kinds of innovative workshop activities, which flexibly apply different kinds of pedagogical methods. HAMK School of Professional Teacher Education supports pedagogical development by appointing a teacher trainer for each TEFORMI pilot.

Development needs arise from the transformation of the world of work, the exponential progress of digitalization, the new legislation on vocational education in Finland, the renewal of national qualification requirements, the national evaluations, and the regional development needs defined in the Kanta-Häme and Kymenlaakso regional programs.

The driver for each field specific pilot project will be the Teformi team, which is comprised of the project manager, the person responsible for the partial implementation, field-specific project experts, a project-specific teacher trainer, representative from companies and, if needed, other specialists. The activities of the project will be:

  • development of hybrid learning environments for the technology fields
  • development of models for implementing the VET reform
  • field-specific implementation of the education agreement
  • an exchange of experts between companies and VET providers, which aims at anticipating regional skills needs
  • training events for teachers which feature both technological development and new forms of teaching
  • new tutoring methods for the potential top experts of the future (top experts’ workshop).

One of the work packages aims at creating European partnership for developing together hybrid learning environments. The project will organise 3 international workshops: one in Finland and two in Baltic Sea region/Central Europe. Timeframe for these actions is autumn 2018 – spring 2020.


The outcomes of the project will be:

  • Implementation models for VET reform (Finland) in chosen technology fields
  • Hybrid learning environments for the technology fields
  • A tutoring model for the potential top expert of the future
  • A partnership network for Baltic Sea Region/Central Europe
  • A report on field-specific development needs, the smoothness of study paths and the current state of cooperation with companies and industry
  • Field-specific Teformi models
  • The final report.

The project administrator and main implementer is Häme University of Applied Sciences (HAMK) in Hämeenlinna. Project partners and the partial implementers are Tavastia Vocational College in Hämeenlinna and Kouvola Region Vocational College in Kouvola.The implementation period of Teformi is 1.3.2018 – 31.8.2020. The project receives support from the European Social Fund. The national authority responsible for the main funding of the project is the Häme Center for Economic Development, Transport and the Environment.

Project Manager Tuomas Eerola, tuomas.eerola@hamk.fi

Project Coordinator Elisa Hassinen, elisa.hassinen@hamk.fi


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