Degree in Natural Resources through vocational education


When Antti Puuri graduated from vocational education as a rural entrepreneur, he had already planned his post-graduate studies. Below you can read about Antti’s experiences on studies in Mustiala.

As I was finishing my studies to become a rural entrepreneur, my thirst for knowledge had not yet been fulfilled in three years of studying. It was almost obvious that I would continue studying. I applied to Mustiala mostly because of its excellent reputation, and I haven’t regretted my choice of school even once!

Four years of studying have been filled with much more than that vocational school student who first applied could have imagined. I have gained so much more knowledge and made life-long friends all over Finland. Through my education, I have already been able to build several work-related networks.

Agriculture is a very diverse sector with countless employment opportunities. One of the strengths of Mustiala is its extensive range of specialisations that helps students form the most suitable study entity for themselves.

On the first day of school, I decided to go abroad as soon as the opportunity came, so at the end of the first academic year I flew to Canada where I spent almost six months on a dairy farm. Words can’t describe how great it was to do my placement abroad – so go and experience it yourself!
I completed the expert work placement a few years later in the Netherlands where I was able to work on dairy cow research. I chose both placements myself according to my personal preferences, and the school helped me especially with paperwork.

Embracing traditions and reaching a career
When talking about Mustiala, you cannot fail to mention traditions. Campus life really helps with getting to know everyone but it’s the countless traditions and organising them that really weld the group together tightly to create the famous Mustiala WE spirit!
Students are very active to participate in different events in their free time, and there probably isn’t a week during the academic year when no events or traditions are happening.

Mustiala is a forward-looking, constantly evolving modern educational institution that, with decades of knowledge and professional skills, provides a first-class starting point for multidisciplinary agricultural professionals!

Text: Antti Puuri, Bachelor of Natural Resources

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