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Oshani Bamunu Mudiyanselage is a second year student in Climate Smart Agriculture – programme, and she studies and lives in Mustiala campus. She is from Sri Lanka, and has enjoyed the peace and friendly atmosphere in Mustiala ever since she moved there!

Why did you want to study Agriculture?

I was working as a middle school science teacher for 8 years in Sri Lanka and I always loved science related matters and being close with the nature. Since I did not have a bachelor’s degree, I was interested in starting my degree with more practical aspects. Also, I am not a person to stick with books and give away my freedom. In that case, the best option I had was this program of Climate Smart Agriculture (formerly known as Smart Organic Farming), because the course overview looked more practical based, and I had time to commit for myself while studying. Also, agricultural occupations are top rated as it is the only way that gives food to everyone in the world.

How did you find HAMK, and what made you apply to us?

Finding HAMK was not that hard, because it is the most popular organic farming degree in Europe. When I searched about farming bachelor’s, HAMK popped up at once and I think it was my fortunate destiny, because HAMK has the friendliest educational environment. Without a second thought I applied for the program and got ready for the entrance exam.

What are the good things in studying in Climate Smart Agriculture and Mustiala?

The environment at HAMK Mustiala is so peaceful. As I always love places with less crowds and noise, Mustiala was a best match. Mustiala is a small place, which is saturated with nature, beauty and all the nice people. HAMK Mustiala has an excellent staff, who are friendly and helpful in all aspects. The teachers guide you to reach your goals and they respond immediately, when it comes to problems with studies. There are flexible ways of supporting studies. I think HAMK Mustiala has the most friendly, warm, and pleasant studying environment. Also, it is a place to make best friends and party around.

What are the challenges?

To be honest, I did not have any challenges while learning or staying in Finland until now. All the steps that I followed are deposited in my experience bank, so I really do not know what could have been a challenge. I enjoy my learning path and stay in Finland.

What are your plans after graduation?

After my graduation, I would like to do a job related to my studies, where I can apply what I have learned and gained from HAMK. Also, I am planning my master’s degree. And if I can handle a job related to my studies, I would involve that to my master’s degree.


Oshani Bamunu Mudiyanselage
2nd year Climate Smart Agriculture student at HAMK, Mustiala campus

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