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HAMK library has a selection of audiobooks. Here is a small taste:





Wichowski, A. & Rider, T. (2020). The information trade: How big tech conquers countries, challenges our rights, and transforms our world (Unabridged.). Harper Audio.

“Wichowski reveals how Facebook, Google, Amazon, Tesla, and other tech giants are disrupting the way the world works, and outlines the growing risk they pose to our future if we do not act to contain them.”

Greenberg, S. S., Doorley, S. & Kelley, D. M. (2021). Creative acts for curious people: How to think, create, and lead in unconventional ways (Unabridged.). Penguin Random House Audio.

“Teeming with ideas about discovery, learning, and leading the way through unknown creative territory, Creative Acts for Curious People includes memorable stories and more than eighty innovative exercises.”

Kantrowitz, A. (2020). Always day one: How the tech titans plan to stay on top forever (Unabridged.). Penguin Random House.

“Through 130 interviews with insiders, from Mark Zuckerberg to hourly workers, Always Day One reveals the tech giants’ blueprint for sustainable success in a business world where no advantage is safe.”

Konnikova, M. (2020). The biggest bluff: How I learned to pay attention, master myself, and win. Penguin Random House.

“The biggest bluff of all is that skill is enough. Bad cards will come our way, but keeping our focus on how we play them and not on the outcome will keep us moving through many a dark patch until the luck once again breaks our way.”

Ridley, M. (2020). How innovation works: And why it flourishes in freedom ([Unabridged].). HarperCollins.

“Innovation is the main event of the modern age, the reason we experience both dramatic improvements in our living standards and unsettling changes in our society. Forget short-term symptoms like Donald Trump and Brexit, it is innovation itself that explains them and that will itself shape the 21st century for good and ill.”

For more audiobooks in English, see HAMK Finna.

Here is a brief guide on how to use Ebsco audiobooks

  1. Find the Ebsco audiobook collection in HAMK Finna and login using your HAMK id. *
  2. Sign in to EbscoHost platform. If you do not have a personal EbscoHost account, you can create one here.
  3. Once the sign-in has been completed, a Borrow button will appear next to each audiobook title. Click borrow and choose your loan period (1-21 days).
  4. Download the free Ebsco audiobook app from App Store or Google Play.
  5. Log in the app by using your EbscoHost account and start to listen!

* Alternatively, in HAMK Finna search results, use the Available Online link to open the Ebsco audiobook platform.



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