Five picks on artificial intelligence


Most of us use artificial intelligence (AI) on a daily basis, but few of us are aware of it. AI is utilized in search engines, targeted marketing, and on smart phones (e.g. facial recognition, voice control). Here is a selection of books on AI and the way it effects our life.

Artificial intelligence for dummies / John Mueller & Luca Massaron

Do not let the title fool you: this is far from a basic introduction to the world of AI. Rather, it is a comprehensive presentation of all things AI. The overview of AI technology will no doubt appeal to engineers, and the numerous examples of existing AI applications make fascinating reading for everyone. The ten major contributions of AI to society are counterbalanced by the ten ways AI has failed. Mueller & Massaron also introduce us to new human occupations made possible by AI, while admitting there are still occupations that AI cannot handle – like teaching children.

Recommended for people who want to learn a little but extensively on any given topic.

Artificial intelligence : 101 things you must know today about our future / Lasse Rouhiainen

After reading a few books on AI, the same themes and examples start to repeat themselves. What makes this books stand out from the others is firstly, the number of practical AI applications introduced. Secondly, the structure of the book follows Socratic method: Rouhiainen asks 101 questions and gives them as many answers.

Recommended for practical people who love lists and googling for more information.



The Culture of AI: Everyday Life and the Digital Revolution / Anthony Elliott

This is a book that requires time and effort from its reader. Elliot has eight claims on AI in relation to society and through these claims he attempts to interpret the culture of AI. According to him, “AI revolution” is all about the small but fundamental changes in our everyday life.

Recommended for those who enjoy reflecting and theorizing. Familiarity with scientific texts is a plus.



 What to do when machines do everything: how to get ahead in a world of AI, algorithms, bots, and big data / Malcolm Frank & Paul Roehrig & Ben Pring

Frank. Roehrig & Ping have written a book on the industrial revolution brought on by AI and machine learning. Their message is simple: there will be great changes that affect us all, but they will be beneficial – as long as we are prepared for them. They also tell us what we should do and why.

Recommended for pragmatic business people.


Hello world : how to be human in the age of the machine / Hannah Fry.

If you only want to read one book on AI, read this. But I warn you: once you pick it up, you will not be able to put it down until you have reached the end. Hannah Fry’s writing is brilliant, and her stories clearly illustrate how algorithms affect our daily life. Some of the stories are delightful, others are cautionary tales of what can happen if we are not aware of how algorithms can be used to manipulate us.
PS You might also want to check out the podcast The Curious Cases of Rutherford & Fry.

Recommended for all who enjoy fluent writing and great stories.


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