CASE: How to make Book Reservations


In case the book you need is out on loan for someone else or is located in another HAMK campus library, you can make a reservation for the book in our web library, HAMK Finna. You can choose to pick up your reservation in any of the campus libraries. You can also make reservation for the books that are on the shelves. Making reservations is free of charge.

As a HAMK student or staff member you can log in HAMK Finna using your HAMK username and password. During your first log in you will need to add your library card into your account. To do this you will need your library card number and a PIN code. As a client outside or HAMI student, you can log in HAMK Finna with your library card number and the PIN code.

Here you can check the detailed info & screenshots of the book reservation process:

  1. Remember to login to HAMK Finna first.
  2. Use the search field to find the material from the library collections. Easiest way is to type the book’s title or author.
  3. When you see the right book on the result list, check where it’s located or if it’s on loan (there will be red cross symbol if all of the copies are already on loan). For example this Management book (in the picture) is only available in Valkeakoski campus library but if you make a request to book, it will be posted to another campus library for pick-up. Just click: Place a Request and accept pick-up from open shelf button. If you haven’t logged in, you need to do it first.
  4. After clicking the button it will open a pop-up screen. There you need to choose the library where you want to pick-up the arriving book. In case you study in Hämeenlinna the choice would be HAMK Visamäki. After choosing the library just click Submit Request. Then you just need to wait. You will receive an email notification once the material you’ve requested is ready for pick up at your chosen campus library. Requested material is held  for 7 days. Please check your email notice of arrival for when to collect your request at the latest. Also note: we charge a fine of 5 euros/item for requests that have not been cancelled or collected on time.
  5. If you’re making reservation to book which is already on loan, you can see the due dates when you open the search result (by clicking the book title). For example this Robotics… – book’s closest due date is 6th of March. You will get the book after that date or earlier if the borrower returns it before that due date – but notice if there are many reservations before you, you need to wait after they have loaned he books and the due dates will change further.
  6. You can also cancel your placed request by yourself in you own page (Your Account) or check what is your current queue position. You can also cancel requests in HAMK App (in HAMK Library Services section).

After you make the book request & How to pick up the reservation:

The library staff will deliver the needed book to the chosen campus library. The staff will take it to the book reservation (self-service) shelf located near the borrowing machine. The reservations have been arranged alphabetically under the client’s family name OR by your own alias / user name (hold’s identifier). Remember borrow your reservations using the borrowing machine.

If you have any questions about how to make these reservations or else, please don’t hesitate to contact library staff.

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