“The more I learn, the more I realize how much I don’t know.”


This famous quote from Albert Einstein exactly describes how I feel when I have been working in the Global Education Team of HAMK for five months by now.

I am from Guangzhou, China and have been in Finland for eight years. In China, I made a Bachelor’s Degree in International Business English and I have more than ten years’ experience in international marketing working for various multinational companies and organizations, for example in Dell Computer, British Embassy, ACCA and Manroland. I have been a project manager of an influential national marketing campaign for four years.

In Finland, I have studied a Master’s Degree in intercultural communication. I have worked as a Trainer of Intercultural Communication Skills in the public sector, for example at the University of Jyväskylä, Crisis Management Center (CMC) Finland. My academic interests are intercultural business and crisis communication.

I feel so lucky and glad that I was recruited to the wonderful Global Education of Häme university of Applied Sciences (HAMK) as soon as I finished my studies of Finnish language and culture at the University of Tampere. At HAMK, I have something new to learn every day, for example, student-centered pedagogy, phenomenon-based learning, and new  learning environment.

I meet new teachers from variety of schools almost every day, as our team co-operates with other educational institutions to design and deliver the continuing education programmes worldwide. The more I talk with our experienced teachers, the less I know, as how Research Director of School of Teacher Education Martti Majuri said when I joined HAMK on the first day. I really have so much to learn.

In further, I learn some new words or interesting idioms of Finnish language from my nice colleagues every day. Here I would like to thank all of my team mates who make it a point to speak Finnish with me slowly. I particularly thank my supervisor, Director of HAMK Global Education Maaret Viskari, for patiently correcting my pronunciation and explaining the differences between the synonyms.

In addition, I have a great opportunity to share my experience and understanding of intercultural communication for the students in some classes. Although our work is often very hectic, we are able to manage it well, as we support each other unconditionally. As what my colleague Educational Specialist Nana Niskanen said, we are the winning team.



海门应用科技大学 (HAMK)





当我在坦佩雷大学完成芬兰语言和文化的学习后,我能成为如此优秀的HAMK全球教育团队中的一员。为此, 我感到非常高兴和幸运。







Aiyun Yang
International Assistant
Global Education
Häme University of Applied Sciences (HAMK)


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