Celebration of Successful Collaboration in Santo Domingo


HAMK (Häme University of Applied Sciences) from Finland and INFOTEP (Instituto Nacional de Formación Técnico Profesional) from The Dominican Republic organised a closing seminar and a national conference of education in February in Santo Domingo for celebrating the results of two-year program “Programa de Desarrollo de Educación Vocacional”. The program was an initiative of Mr. Rafael Ovalles and it was managed by Mrs. Maura Corporan from INFOTEP. INFOTEP published also its new pedagogical model, co-created and experimented in the process, in the conference.

Expert teachers of the program, Essi Ryymin and Pirjo Tuominen from HAMK Edu, and educational specialist Nana Niskanen from HAMK Global Education, led the final competence demonstrations, where the development groups presented their results and conclusions of regional reforms by creative and engaging ways, for instance, implementing activating methods and multimedia.

The Dominican educators and managers have done a remarkable work in developing educational solutions to local challenges in:
– management,
– teacher training,
– curriculum development,
– developing digital skills of teachers and students,
– decreasing drop-out rates and preventing social exclusion,
– in strengthening collaboration between companies and the institutions,
– in personalisation of studying,
– in learning environment development,
– in competence / skills demonstrations and
– in strengthening the flexibility and student autonomy in all the way.

The localization of the educational development has been supported by HAMK expert teachers by continuous group guidance process based on the design principles of 1) context-sensitive dialogical approach, 2) focus on educational challenges of practice and 3) a concern to develop capacity to sustaining change in systems (Ryymin, 2018).

The HAMK delegation was led by Director of Global Education Maaret Viskari and Vice Principal Heidi Ahokallio-Leppälä, who also gave a key note speech on continuous learning in INFOTEP’s 1500-participant national conference of education in Santo Domingo. Maaret Viskari introduced the pedagogical model to the audience and gave several practical examples how it is implemented in INFOTEP in different regions of the country.

The Finnish team visited also in INFOTEP vocational schools and dialogued with students and teachers how they feel about renewals, e.g. in the famous institution of culinary and hotel management in Higüey. The co-operation between HAMK and INFOTEP continues with new initiatives in near future.


Essi Ryymin, Project Manager
Mobile: +358 50 461 7557
E-mail: firstname.lastname@hamk.fi


Further readings:

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