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Elinkeinoelämän Keskusliitto (EK)


Our main task is to make Finland an internationally attractive and competitive business environment. Successful business activities are the foundation for the Finnish welfare society. – EK 2019




Confederation Of Finnish Industries

Visiting EK (Elinkeinoelämän Keskusliitto) was an extraordinary experience for us.

Written by Marcus Millaj




On today’s agenda was the visit to Elinkeinoelämän Keskusliitto (EK) Headquarters in Brussels, which was located at 172, Avenue de Cortenbergh, B-1000 Bruxelles Belgique. It had a beautiful exterior and quiet streets nearby which would seem like a huge advantage if working or being an intern there. Walking into the lobby we were greeted by an immaculate lobby, which alone made us excited for the rest of the visit. In the lobby was also a beautiful black stallion lamp display. We had the honor to present in front of it. We then entered pairs of elevators to reach the required floor. There was a cozy office space with cubicles and other amenities to keep office morale high.



Ilari Kallio was our presenter for the visit. He was a very energetic and charismatic person, who was thrilled to have the opportunity to explain his passion to us. He also had a good sense of humor and kept everyone’s attention. They also prepared us a table where each student could get a cup of tea or coffee; phenomenal hospitality. We sat at a big table and all eagerly awaited the knowledge that he would bestow upon us. We learned the intricacies of how EK utilizes lobbying to push new ideas and influence the companies and the people around us. Once the presentation ended, we all clapped and thanked Kallio for having us and left satisfied.


Fun Facts

Here you can see a simplified version of what EK’s goal really is. This mind-map of effective lobbying really helped me understand their vision and goals. Their main purpose is to represent companies and to push the objective on whatever issues should be addressed or rectified. They have a plethora of members in the companies they represent as much as 900,000 employees, as I informed my class during the intro presentation. I feel EK is essential and so does every other Finnish business that wants to have integrity and value in their company and in their goals.




The trip to EK on the heart of Brussels created a lasting memory of today’s visit. From the beautiful interior to the informative presentation I absolutely enjoyed the trip there. Thank you to Ilari Kallio and the rest at EK for the opportunity!

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