Meet the Staff: Sofia Welling


Greetings from HAMK Design Factory and HAMK Smart. I work here as a Project Coordinator at WhatsUp2.0-project in order to organize hackathons and experiments.
My mission is also to network and communicate with companies and stakeholders. I’m huge fan of innovations and my favorite tv-show is The Big Bang Theory (Rillit huurussa).


Love to create, learn new things and be part of something important. I believe in following the dots where one event or action always leads to another, something that you can’t always predict.

Motto: You can’t do epic shit with basic people

Meet the Staff: Sofia Welling

How did you end up at HAMK and what do you do at the Design Factory?

Since studying International Business at HAMK, I’ve co-operated with HAMK Valkeakoski and Hämeenlinna campuses. I think HAMK has a lively and dynamic environment with a strong ability to change and grow. Prior to this job, I worked for International Talents-project. HAMK Hämeenlinna was a partial partner there. At that project, I built a huge network, made friends and got to know so many international people from around the world. Learned in EAKR (ESF)- project to set specific goals and also to make sure they are achieved. I got invited to Iceland and used AR in the MyTalent exhibition. My networks eventually led me to the Design Factory and the dots started to make sense.

What do you bring to Design Factory?

I think this is a place where I can really make use of all my experience in various fields of project coordination, networks and media skills. I’m excited to be around creative, open-minded people and be part of this innovative environment. It’s great to work for HAMK Smart as well and get to look at things from a broader perspective. And most importantly, I hope to bring even more energy and laughter to the community. And I make good coffee!

I’ve strong media skills, but as much as I can, I really like meeting people face-to-face. It’s so much more energetic and fruitful. I’m an outgoing, open person who loves to collaborate with others.

What do you do on your free time?

I watch The Big Bang Theory and feel like being in the series, when I walk around the Design Factory (photo taken from Teknologiamessut/Technology Fair)Meet the Staff: Sofia Welling

I love to travel abroad and it’s easy for me to get to know people. The special ones get invited to a place my heart belongs to, and that’s my cottage on the island.

I try to keep up my Spanish skills and practice it with for example, my Mexican friend (in the photo). I’m hoping to get to know the Design Factory Global Network too.Meet the Staff: Sofia Welling

On a daily basis, I spend time with my family. I try to encourage my kids to be as creative as possible by attending different cultural and innovations events. We do our morning yoga together and take afternoon walks with our dog Rollo ‘’The Adventurer’’.

I’m delighted to be working for HAMK Smart and at the same time becoming part of the Design Factory community. I am sure we’re all going to get so much out of that mix!

’WhatsUp2.0-project is funded by Hämeenliitto and coordinated by HAMK Smart.’’



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