”The unique and international learning environment made my first semester a great one”


Dominique Troisfontaine (23) comes from the Netherlands and he is doing his exchange here at HAMK. Ina Mauntel (24) comes from Germany and she is here in Finland to complete her double degree studies. They both are studying here in Finland at HAMK in International Business degree programme.

What has been the best thing studying here?

Dominique: The approach of studying. It’s way different than at home in the Netherlands. There I haven’t ever heard something as what do you want to do – a report or a presentation? But I like it a lot because you can choose what you want and either way you learn.

Ina: The learning environment at HAMK is familiar and the student itself counts. You are not one out of thousands students. The teachers know you by name and help whenever help is needed.

What has been the most challenging thing studying here?

Ina: The team work experience. We do not work that much in teams over in Germany but at HAMK team work is a big part of the studies. Working together with more than 30 different nationalities makes team work to a challenging part as everyone works totally different.

Why did you came to Finland?

Dominique: Well that’s kind of funny, actually I was not planning to come at all. I was going on Erasmus in Morocco in a business school. But they cancelled the program on behave of lack of funds. The new options I had where Finland or over the seas, since I already went over the seas to Canada before I thought it was a smart idea to stay in Europe for this time. HAMK is a partner university of our school and that’s why I choose HAMK and Finland.

Ina: In my orientation week at my home university in Mönchengladbach (University of Applied Sciences Niederrhein) I heard from the Double Degree Program and I wanted to do it. Studying at a university in Finland and getting to know new people and a new culture was the main reason to choose this program. Moreover graduating with two degrees and staying abroad for 9 months persuades me to go to Finland.

What have you liked HAMK?

Dominique: The reason why I like HAMK is actually quite simple. HAMK is a small school in Valkeakoski, people know you and you know them. They are open minded and willing to help. I like it too that everything is in English in International business so you can ask anything from anyone.

Ina: Being in the focus of the studies and not being on out of thousand students is a great experience I made at HAMK. The unique and international learning environment made my first semester a great one.

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