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Four student assistants wrote about their work of tutoring first year Computer Applications and Business Information Technology students and why you should join the sessions.

Welcome to the exciting world of college! Your first year might be a roller coaster, and I understand that the obstacles may seem daunting. But don’t panic, because I’m here to reveal a hidden weapon: tutoring sessions!

Why Should You Attend Tutoring Sessions?

Let’s be honest: College can be difficult. However, guess what? Having a tutor is similar to having a personal guide on your academic journey. Here’s why it’s revolutionary:

Get Personal Assistance: Tutoring sessions are like having your own academic mentor. If you’re stuck on a coding challenge or need assistance with a difficult concept, I’m here to help.

I’ve Been There Before: As a third-year student, I understand what you’re going through. I’m not simply a tutor; I’m a friend who understands the difficulties of pursuing a computer applications degree. We can make sense of it all if we work together.

Make Friends, Not Just Study Partners: College is also about making connections. Participating in tutoring sessions is a fun opportunity to meet new people, discuss ideas, and develop study groups. This is a team effort!

Join the Squad: Your Education, Your Way:

Here’s the deal: I’m holding tutoring sessions to help you overcome obstacles and reach your full potential. It’s not just about surviving; it’s about shaking up the computer application world. We’ll transform hurdles into achievements and make your academic journey spectacular together.

How to Get in Action:

  • Make a note of the following dates: Sessions take place on two times in a week. Make it a habit to be consistent.
  • Bring Your Inquiries: There are no questions that are too small or too large. Bring your problems and let’s solve them together.
  • Spread the Word: Success is more enjoyable when it is shared. Inform your friends, classmates, and anybody else who could need some extra help.

Your education is a journey, not a race. Let’s make this adventure fantastic together. Look forward to seeing you at the tutoring sessions!

Your Academic Buddy,

Hafiz Javid

As Students assistants in Business Information Technology and Computer Applications one of our main tasks is to organize tutoring sessions for new students. But how do the tutoring sessions help students who are new in the IT field and do these sessions also help students who have prior IT experience?
My answer would be that they definitely help experienced students and those who are just starting out, let me share how.

The tutoring sessions that we organize are meant for everyone. What we offer to the students is not just solutions to problems. In fact, we try to avoid giving answers straight away because what we really want, is for the students to participate in the problem solving themselves. That is the key to learning.

How participating in the problem solving in our tutoring classes looks like depends on the problem. Sometimes we encourage students to use Google themselves, sometimes I am talking out loud what I am doing so students can hear my process in problem solving and sometimes with really hard cases it also helps if students are even actively looking at what we the student assistants are doing or what info are we searching on Google. This is why I never try to hide my computer screen in our tutoring sessions because I want students to see how you can utilize Google effectively in problem solving.

What about students who don’t have any problems?
I would like to throw an age old question to the new students: What do you want to be when you grow up?

Well I wanted to be a doctor when I was young, but what about now? Now that we are all in the IT field, what are the things that interest you? What are you curious about?
These are the things that new students at some point have to think about and because the student assistants in BIT and CA are also students we have plenty of school and work experience we would be happy to share with new students. This is why tutoring sessions are not just for problem solving technical issues. It’s also a place for new students to ask questions and have conversations about education and work life.

Saga Moisio

Tutoring classes are an opportunity for students to repeat what they have already learned or to ask for help solving difficult tasks. The problem does not necessarily have to be related to to studying, we student assistants gladly help with other problems too. We can also direct the student to the right place for help if needed. Tutoring sessions are also a good chance to network and connect with other students and ask us about classes and courses.

Based on our own experieces, we can be peer support to the students. Peer support helps alleviate loneliness and brings safety and support into your life. It’s one way to make the world a better place.

Tiina Ylimäki

Three reasons you should utilize the tutoring sessions organized by the willing and supportive Student Assistants:

  1. No Judgement Zone:

Everyone has been a beginner at some point, and there’s no shame in seeking assistance when needed. It’s natural to feel nervous about seeking help, but rest assured, these sessions are designed to be safe spaces where you can ask questions, seek guidance, and express concerns without fear of judgment. Everyone is there to support and uplift each other.

  1. No Minimal Skills Required:

Everyone has different strengths and weaknesses, and we acknowledge and embrace this diversity. There’s no minimum skill level required to seek assistance. Whether you’re a seasoned student or just starting out, these sessions are there to support your individual needs. The focus is on improvement and growth, irrespective of your current skill set.

  1. Peer-to-Peer Support:

Student Assistants are students who have walked the same path you’re on, faced similar challenges as yours and successfully overcome them. We can share our experiences from a relatable perspective. We are also aware of translating teachers’ requirements into students’ language, ensuring that you can meet the expectations of your teachers effectively.

Shall you come to our next sessions?

Quang Luong


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