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We know many of our applicants have questions about applying and studying. Especially the part-time programmes cause confusion sometimes. Therefore we decided to gather your most common questions in one place and give you answers! If you are interested in the International Business full-time programme, you can get more information about it in the IB full-time FAQ 

You should also check out IB’s official webpage at

Applying to IB part-time studies

Where can I study international business part-time?

The International Business part-time studies are conducted completely online; you’ll only need to visit the Valkeakoski campus during the orientation in the beginning and the final seminar at the end of your studies.

International Business full-time programme is arranged at the Valkeakoski campus.  There is also a business programme in Finnish in our Hämeenlinna campus, Liiketalous, which offers part-time studies too. HAMK’s door is always open and welcoming new excited students!

How do I apply to HAMK to study part-time International Business?

First, you need to follow us in our website, where you can find information about our joint application period.  When the application period is on, you can apply in

What are the entrance exams like?

The entrance examination, both written and interview parts, are organized online and participating in the exam does not require travelling. Applicants that pass the written entrance examination will be invited to an online interview that will be organized within one week after the written part of the entrance examination.

You can find more information about the entrance examinations here.

Studying in IB part-time programme

What are the teachers like in Valkeakoski?

Teachers come from many different countries and they are friendly and supporting. Since our campus is a small one, they know the students individually, and therefore it is easier for them to help students and give them opportunities. They do care about and pay special attention to each of the students.

You can read articles about some of our staff members here.

What are the courses and assignments like?

There are different types of courses, but the main thing is that they are in modules. That means that you have a readymade pack of courses that go together and it is easier and more efficient to study.

Teaching method is close to flipped class room so that the student is able to combine his daily work into given assignments. The study method requires independence as well as the capability of working in teams.

Can I study IB part-time while working? Are there lots of contact lessons?

International Business part-time studies are perfect for you who are for example already in the working life. The studies are conducted completely online; you’ll only need to visit the Valkeakoski campus during the orientation in the beginning and the final seminar at the end of your studies.

Teaching sessions are organized online on Wednesday evenings, and the lectures will be recorded which allows you to revisit them if needed. Flexible lunchtime guidance sessions are available.

What other things can I do in addition to the basic courses?

HAMK offers a variety of ways to complete your studies. Some modules offer you interesting chances to go on study trips both in Finland and abroad, and there are many interesting real life projects. We have innovative opportunities for studying, take a look at Amazing Business Train for example!

Read the story of Maksim who graduated from IB part-time. During his studies he made study trips to Germany and Brazil, and spent an exchange semester in China. Read his alumni story here.

You can also check the story of Petri, an IB part-time student, whose class organized a golf event as a study project! You can read the story here (only in Finnish, unfortunately).

Do I have to live in Finland to complete the degree?

Because the studies are conducted mainly online, you don’t have to live in Finland to complete the degree. You only have to travel to Valkeakoski during the orientation in the beginning and the final seminar at the end of your studies

How good should my English level be?

If you can understand and speak basic English you will manage. There will be some new vocabulary, but you will learn it during your studies with the rest of the students. The most important thing is that you have the courage to speak, even if your English isn’t perfect! And most of us are not native English speakers anyway.

Do I need a lot of international experience or business skills to study in IB?

No, you don’t need any previous experience in business or internationality as long as you are interested in the subjects. A decent level of English and the capability to do some mathematical calculations is enough! We will teach you the rest.


How international are the studies really?

There are students from several different nationalities and backgrounds in the IB part-time programme, so the classes are truly international!

Can I go on exchange in part-time studies?

If you have successfully passed your courses and can agree with your employer about taking a study leave, then off you go! We have about 100 partner schools around the world. You can choose the length of your exchange; the most common lengths are full academic year or half of an academic year. In addition, you can do two exchanges too, half a year in one country and half a year in another!

You can find more information about exchange studies here.

You can also read the story of Teemu here, who is an IB part-time student who spent his exchange period in Spain. (only in Finnish unfortunately)

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