HAMK Gaming Academy: Interview with Derek Suarez


It’s obvious that working at HAMK Gaming Academy entails developing networks and connections. Academy has fantastic connections in the Esports field that could be beneficial to HAMK students, and they are. We interviewed HAMK student Derek Suarez to learn more about his experience.

Introduce yourself

Hello my name is Derek Suarez I am an International Business student that has been into the world of esports for years.

What company did you work for?

I worked for the Finnkampen esports event in September of 2022. I was a project management trainee for the Finnish Esports Federation.

How did you get to that organization?

I began working with them through the HAMK Gaming Academy which put me in contact with the company to have them as the commissioning company for my bachelor’s thesis.

What were your main tasks?

As a thesis worker I aided in the project management of the event by helping in assessing needs for the event as well as meeting with stakeholders to ensure proper execution of the event streamed online.

What did you learn from your work experience?

This work experience showed me the process of organizing an event and all of the complications that may arise in the process. It mainly taught me that a plan must always have contingency strategies.

What was your favorite part of your experience?

My favorite part of the experience was meeting professionals in the esports scene both professional and governmental and with both my work in the event and the process of writing my thesis on esports governance I have gained more interest into the world of esports and it’s future.


Derek has generously shared his experience with Gaming Academy. Isn’t it interesting how students’ career paths are changing? Derek’s story also demonstrates the importance of building networks and connections in business. Derek has completed his thesis: https://urn.fi/URN:NBN:fi:amk-2022110822237

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