International Business alumnus Jinchao Zhang: Together with our student group we experienced unforgettable events


International Business students had a chance to hear some interesting and inspiring career stories at the Career Days which was organized at the HAMK’s Valkeakoski campus on January.  International Business alumni shared their career paths and gave important tips for students. Jinchao Zhang was one of the alumni who participated the event and he also shares his story on our blog!

Introduce yourself

My name is Jinchao Zhang. I come from China and I have been working as a project assistant in Elematic for 1.5 years since I graduated from HAMK International Business in November 2018.

International Business alumnus Jinchao Zhang

How did you end up in Finland and studying at HAMK? Why did you decide to study International Business?

Finland has always been an educational demonstration hot-spot. Same as many other applicants, I was attracted then by the reputation of Finnish high-quality education, and most importantly, it was free. HAMK IB was my first choice which I have never ever regretted, because I got to know a bunch of enthusiastic, international, cooperative and reliable fellows, and I know I will be friends with many of them for a very long time.

What was your favorite part of the HAMK experience? And what was challenging?

During my 3.5 years’ studies at HAMK, we did a lot of team works and presentations, some of those were very challenging, but on the other hand, which really developed our capability to work independently and to work as a team. Together with the BNI15 group, we had experienced through unforgettable events, such as International Day, Christmas Fair, Graduation Ceremony… Also, thanks to HAMK, I got the chance to went for an exchange study in University of Derby in the UK, where I experienced a totally different culture.

How did you end up in your current work situation? What kind of things your work consists of?

I am currently working for Elematic. Elematic is a global leading precast technology company in Finland, which has launched business all over the world. My work at this company requires me to do the translations and interpretations, travel to China to participate in the project meetings, and do the digital marketing on Chinese social media.

Where do you see yourself in ten years?

I am always saying that I was born by the sea, raised in the mountains, educated in Finland and traveling the world. In 10 years, I wish I will be still holding the enthusiasms and aspirations about the world.

What would you like to say people who consider applying to HAMK International Business? Any tips?

HAMK has educated me to grow up into a confident young man today, I cherish the memory to be a part of BNI15. And I believe my community won’t let you down for all of you newcomers.

Jinchao with Tarja Niemi
Jinchao with Tarja Niemi, who is from Jinchao’s ”Finnish family”. ”Finnish family is also one of the best things HAMK has provided for its foreign students”, Jinchao mentions.


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