International Business alumna Trang Xuan


Trang Xuan studied in the class of BNI11 at HAMK’s International Business degree programme. Currently, she is working as a Managing Director of Purr Creative, a boutique marketing agency in Hanoi, Vietnam.

How did you end up in Finland and at HAMK?

I liked cold weather so I chose Scandinavian as my destination, and Finnish administrator office, especially HAMK was so supportive and nice to me, so after I got the result from both Finland and Switzerland, I decided to chose HAMK. I wanted to study in Business but didn’t know which major would be the best for me so I chose International Business to give myself more time to choose what I like. 

How did you end up in your current work situation? 

I worked in another marketing agency before, however, due to my family’s business, I had to take a month off from work but they did not let me so I transferred to be a freelancer instead, then one thing lead to another, too many contracts coming in for just myself so together with my friend, we opened Purr Creative last summer.

What was the best thing at HAMK? And what was the challenging?

The best thing in HAMK was our teachers, like our Marketing teacher, Harri Tuomola, whom I learned so much about marketing world and lead myself to the marketing world, which is my current career. The biggest challenge was the language, Finns are super nice but Finnish was so hard to study. 🙂

What would you like to say people who consider applying to HAMK International Business? Any tips? 

Yes, please ASK! The administrators are always super nice and supportive, so please don’t wonder yourself in the bush, just ask!

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