How to combine studies, family life and working at the same time


I am Wilson Aideloje, a second-year student of International Business, I came to Finland for the purpose of giving my children good education and now I discovered myself studying at HAMK, Häme University of Applied Sciences.

HAMK’s Valkeakoski Campus is a convenient environment to study with different nationalities, different cultures and beautiful nature and the amazing lecturers, makes it suitable to study. Combining higher education studies, family and working has been a challenge. Most of the time I will go to school by 9am and get home by 5pm then go to work by 5:30pm and finally at home by 11:30pm, this routine was very tough for me I had to negotiate with my supervisor to reduces my working hours, that she did and now I gets home by 9pm.

Most of my freetime goes with studies and therefore I am so lucky that my family understand my present situation, that is the most important part that makes it easier to study. Sometimes strict deadlines in studies makes this a bit challenging.

However, for you to be able to combine study, Family life and working at the same time, couple of tips:

  1. You must have an amazing family that understand your situation.
  2. Know what your goals is all about.
  3. Study hard
  4. Most importantly,, know your financial position, in terms of transportation and your family needs.

Written by Wilson, International Business student



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