O’Reilly’s learning environment open for HAMK students and staff


HAMK  has access to O’Reilly’s learning environment with learning materials from different areas of IT and business.

Content from more than 200 academic publishers such as McGraw-Hill, Taylor & Francis, and Wiley, has been included. O’Reilly’s own e-books can be found in the learning environment even before they have been published to a wider audience. The content of the learning environment is supplemented almost daily. Currently the service includes:

  • 50,000 e-books
  •  30,000 hours of videos
  • 4,000 courses
  • 2,600 audiobooks.

Use O’Reilly with either a browser or an app

Access requires HAMK credentials. Log in by following the link in HAMK Finna.

Note. You can also access content with the free O’Reilly app (Android, iOS). Log in to the app by entering HAMK email address, after which select SSO login. You will be directed to HAMK login page.

Check out O’Reilly’s learning environment

Watch the video showcasing the learning environment (duration 1:03 min)
Lecturer, see how you can utilize the learning environment in your own teaching (video duration 4:54 min)

For more information, contact kirjasto.aineistot@hamk.fi

Originally published on HAMK Library news feed in February 2024.

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