Audiobooks available for a limited time


We are testing Overdrive Libby, which is suited for audiobook mobile use. You will find Libby in your app store, where it can be downloaded free of charge. The language of the user interface can be changed in the settings.

Libby currently includes 32 audiobooks in English from different fields. You can borrow three audiobooks at a time, with a loan period of one to three weeks, whichever you prefer.

Instructions for Libby implementation can be found in HAMK Finna’s e-material instructions.

The test use is available until Sun, August 18th (including).

For instructions on the use of Libby, see the bottom of the app page (three vertical lines). There are also video tutorials available online.

Libby and the audiobooks can also be accessed with a browser. The browser login is similar to the login with Libby app, please see instructions first.

Originally published on HAMK Library news feed in February 2024.

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