Five podcasts on literature review


HAMK autumn break is on the third week of October, which has also been designated as the national reading week. In anticipation of the little break, these five picks will hopefully give you ideas on what to read next.

Novel pairings  is “dedicated to make the classics readable, relevant and fun.” In each episode, Sara and Chelsey talk about a classic book and its more contemporary counterparts. The September 13th episode focuses on adaptations, their popularity and their shortcomings, but also their place in literary and pop culture.

Overdue  showcases a delightfully versatile selection of books you have always intended to read. Andrew and Craig’s backlog includes everything from Homer’s Iliad to the Fifty shades of grey series and more. The episodes are a bit on the long side, but well worth the time.

The London review of books  podcast offers weekly conversations on not only books but also on and around current affairs and popular themes. The more recent essays discuss topics including Ukraine, green growth, hoarding and the new monarchy.

SFF Yeah!  is a science fiction and fantasy podcast firmly grounded on topical SFF issues like The Rings of Power, Ursula K. Le Guin Prize nominees and flash fiction. Each episode has a theme (e.g. mysteries or shape shifters). The style of the podcast is more conversational, and the word yeah keep getting repeated.

Hey YA  is a podcast for young adults. Episodes range from 10 minutes to almost an hour, and talk about current themes like road trips, TikTok, autumnal books, graphic novels and manga.


Thank you for the photo: Luisella Planeta@ Pixabay 

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