Five new books you requested


Did you know that library welcomes suggestions for new material from all HAMK students and staff? Here are five latest examples of books you have requested for HAMK library collections. To make a request of your own, use the request form on HAMK Finna.

The use of these e-books requires a HAMK user id.

Cosmina, I. (2022). Java 17 for absolute beginners: Learn the fundamentals of Java programming (Second edition.). Apress.

Cosmina focuses on practical knowledge and getting you up to speed quickly–all the bits and pieces a novice needs to get started programming in Java. Clear code descriptions and layout help you get your code running as soon as possible. You will learn about Java and what it can do, install Java and learn to use an editor of your choice. Finally, you will learn to write your first Java prgramme.

Pfannstiel, M. A. (2023). Human-centered service design for healthcare transformation: Development, innovation, change. Springer.

Customers, their expectations and needs, should be at the very heart of all service design. This book focuses on the relationship between service provider and customer in healthcare, highlighting practical examples of successful cases of service design, such as the use of smart textiles, telemedicine, and even exoskeletons.

Cheang, S., Takagi, Y., & Greef, E. d. (2021). Rethinking fashion globalization. Bloomsbury Visual Arts.

The globalization of fashion has often been understood as the global spread of Western fashion and the dominance of Eurocentric fashion system. This edited collection presents a critical alternative to fashion globalization, discussing things like decolonization and inclusion, national identities, diversity, and much more.

Wilkinson, D., & Dokter, D. (2023). The researcher’s toolkit : The complete guide to practitioner research. Taylor & Francis.

This toolkit has been designed for anyone starting their first research project. Wilkinson and Dokter cover the whole process, from defining your topic to the dissemination of your results. Activity boxes highlight key concepts and short summaries indicate fundamental elements of each research area.

Scutari, M., & Malvestio, M. (2023). The pragmatic programmer for machine learning: Engineering analytics and data science solutions. CRC Press.

Machine learning has changed how we use data and is now a crucial part of our daily lives. This book explains how modern software practices are part of this change, both in theory and in real-life use. It covers both machine learning processes and its tools. The book shows how traditional software methods can work with experts in different fields and models based on probability. It helps to pick the right tools, create efficient processes, and use good software practices.

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