Studification process in HAMK mechanical engineering pilot


During the winter, we have had two pilot case students and companies with whom we, Adeyinka Abass and me, have been working with. There is also a couple of other students in similar situations (fulltime job combined with unfinished studies) and we have been using these cases in developing studification process as well.

Based on the work with these students, we have come up with the following steps for the studification process:

  1. Starting point:
    1. Student already is studying and gets a job
    2. Student already has a job when studies start
  1. Discussions with the student
    1. Figuring out if the student has already skills on something (recognition of prior learning): studies or work experience
      1. With study counselor if it is previous studies
      2. With teacher of head of degree programme if it is previous experience
    2. Figuring out what can be done at work:
      1. The work place is involved
      2. Staff members are involved
        1. Study counsellor
        2. Head the of the degree programme
        3. Coordiantor of studifying
        4. Teachers
        5. Others
      3. Figuring out what needs to be studied independently or with some group (taking the course regularly)
  1. Studifying plan / implementation plan based on the student’s situation and needs
  1. Studifying coordinator and the student agree on the implementation of each study module with the teacher
  1. Student does studies in different ways and gets assessment by teachers as agreed

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