Pilot cases of HAMK mechanical engineering


We started to work with two pilot cases in our pilot project. One of the students was Keith, who is a rather new employee working for SME operating in the field of technology. The other one is Tero, who has been working for a large technology company already for a long time. Neither of the students have their studies proceeding mainly because they have been working full time. Both of the students are studying in the daytime programme, so it has been difficult for them to combine studying and working; even though they are both working in mechanical engineering and already have many skills from the field.

The objective is that at the end of this project we will have our two case studies described. While working with the students and their employer companies we will notice the similarities and differences, and get feedback from all parties. We will notice critical incidents and learn how to solve them. This all will help us to make the whole studifying process more fluent and systematic.

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