The new world of measuring


3D scanning is a modern and advanced technology, used nowadays in many industries like manufacturing, medicine, aerospace, design. Though the technology is rather fresh, it rapidly advances and quickly took a big niche in the professional environment. This technology satisfies the needs for reverse engineering and can regarded as a window to CAI – Computer-Aided Inspection, which simplifies and speeds up the analyzation and quality control of parts and also provides precision of up to micrometers.

The scanning is performed by capturing digital information about the shape of a part through the light or laser technology to determine the distance from the scanner to the part. Both small (even very small) and very big objects can be scanned using a 3D-scanner.

What 3D scanning technology can offer:

  • An ideal tool for working with complex shapes
  • Time saving
  • High precision of measurements
  • Reverse Engineering faculties
Alisher Aliev, Mechanical Engineering student

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